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Sunday, January 21, 2007

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

American Idol - Seattle Auditions

For weeks, the producers of American Idol have been telling us how awful the singers are in Seattle. Were they correct?

The Worst:

Jennifer "The Hotness" Chapton started things off on a very wrong note for the evening. She looked as though a group of girls beat her up just before she went into the room. Maybe she was the victim from that girl-on-girl beating video they have been playing on the news. She was not an overweight girl, but her face and lips were so puffed out it looked like she was going to explode. How she got the nickname "The Hotness" is beyond me. I personally think she gave herself the name. Her singing was just as bad, but her trash talking back at the judges was the worst. Clearly you thought they knew what they were doing when you walked into the room or you wouldn't be seeking out their approval.

Meisha was a mess. She thought she was a "sexy" blonde. She had badly dyed blond hair, bright red lipstick, glasses, and the rest of her was saggy and very "Avenue" in style. Her mother was a brown haired identical version of her. It was actually kind of creepy to watch them. In addition, she appeared to have a speech impediment. She and her mother raved about a novella that they wrote about a singing competition that was partially "inspired" by Simon. Ah hah! The truth comes out about why they showed up. She then sang "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls, followed up by "Sweet Home Alabama." It was enough of a spectacle to make a straight man watching never want to have sex again. Just awful.

Carlene was a pretty likeable woman (who even brought her dog to the audition). But her outfit looked like a cross between 1980's Madonna or Cyndi Lauper, a slasher movie victim, and Punky Brewster. I thought to myself the 1980's threw up in there. In addition, she had some of the heaviest arms I have ever seen on a woman and she was wearing a sleaveless shirt. If your arm fat swings back and forth to the beat when you dance, they should not be uncovered!

Nick Zitzmann was a self-proclaimed geek. He tackled Simon's favorite song "Unchained Melody." Nick looked in pain while singing it and it sounded like cats being drowned. It was just atrocious.

Kenneth Briggs and Jonathan Jayne met in the hall and became instant friends. Kenneth was a very short, small statured man. He reminded me a lot of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Jonathan, on the other hand, reminded me of Louie Anderson. He weighed about 400 pounds, wore a bright orange and red shirt tucked into black dress pants with no belt. He acted like he may be slow or be mentally challenged, but I don't think he was actually challenged. I think he was just socially awkward. They went in one after the other. Both were so awful, it is almost beyond words. Simon got particularly mean with Kenneth, telling him that he looked like "one of those things that lives in the jungle - a bush baby." To be honest, he really does. It was kind of mean to say to his face, but in a world where image is as important (if not more important) than talent, poor Kenneth didn't stand a chance. Jonathan was slightly better in the vocal department on "God Bless America" but it was still pretty bad. Coupled with his appearance and personality, it was a clear no.

I was shocked to hear them talking about these two contestants on every radio station in Chicago this morning. Many people think that Simon Cowell went to far when making fun of these "slow, retarded people." My response to that is: neither of them is retarded. By going on the radio across the country and berating Simon for making fun of handicapped people, aren't you making the situation worse since the guys aren't handicapped? Now everyone is talking about these poor mentally challenged people and they guys are normal (but funny looking). I think the media made it 10 times worse today for no good reason.

Big Red, the last audition in Seattle, had one tooth, big red hair, and no singing talent. It capped off a horrible day of singers from the wet city.

The Good:

Don't be alarmed! There were actually a few good singers found in Seattle as well. Thomas Daniels has a pretty soulful sound and a good look. He may do well in the Hollywood round.

Shyamali and Sanjaya Malakar (pictured above) are siblings from the Seattle area. Both were very shy and almost nervous that they were not good enough to be there. Then both of them nailed their auditions, her with "Summertime" and him with "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." The judges loved that they were humble and talented. It was a perfect mix of personality and talent. I think one - or both - of them will do well in this competition.

Rudy Cardenas sang a Journey song and nailed it out of the park as well. Did anyone else notice the producers are focusing more on Latin or other minority contestants than previous seasons? There really haven't been Latin or Indian stand outs before, so it is nice to see some new diversity. Do you think any of these singers will make the Top 12?

Survivor Renewed for Two More Editions

CBS announced yesterday that Survivor would be returning for Seasons 15 and 16 next year. Jeff Probst is still on board. No locations have been announced yet. Season 14, Survivor: Fiji Islands, will premiere in a few weeks on CBS.

The View - Rosie Takes on American Idol

You knew it had to happen. Rosie was going to take on another celebrity on The View and a new feud would be born.

Who knew that on Wednesday's show, she would start two feuds? I totally agree with her first attack though: Naomi Campbell. The supermodel has problems. She is continually hitting and physically attacking her personal assistants and maids. Who would want to work for her? Talk about hazard pay! Naomi was sentenced to five days of community service yesterday for hitting her maid in the face with a bejeweled cell phone. She apparently kept scraping her face with the sharp phone because the maid moved her jeans. Five days of community service? Come on! That sounds like a probation, fine, and maybe a couple of days in jail sentence!

Her next attack was on the No. 1 show on television, American Idol. You have to hand it to Rosie; at least she aimed bigger than Donald Trump this time. She echoed the concerns of many people - especially non-fans of the show - when she complained that the judges and producers were too mean to the contestants, focusing too much time on the really awful people instead of people that were good, but not good enough to make it. It is a nice sentiment, but I do not think the show would be as successful as it is without the humiliation of awful singers.

To make my point, even Elizabeth - straight laced, conservative Elizabeth - admitted laughing in an evil way at several points throughout the night during the season premiere. If Elizabeth Hasselbeck will even laugh at the tone deaf singers, the show will continue down this dark path! Sorry Rosie, but I don't think your comments will change Idol at all!

TR Knight v. Isaiah Washington - What is Going to Happen?

What is happening over at Grey's Anatomy? I think that ABC needs to fix the situation quickly. The backstage shenanigans are taking the spotlight away from the writing and acting!

As most people know, there was a scuffle on set last October when Isaiah Washington got into a fight with Patrick Dempsey after he called TR Knight a "faggot." Patrick Dempsey jumped to TR's defense and Isaiah got violent, putting Dempsey into a choke hold. Shortly thereafter, TR Knight came out of the closet to People magazine. That appeared to be the end of the story; I haven't heard anything else about it since last fall.

Until the Golden Globes after party. Isaiah had to speak to the press about the incident, stating: "I never called TR Knight a faggot. Never happened, no way." It seems like a silly statement in afterthought because the original incident was well publicized and everyone on the set heard him. So, his boss and all of his co-workers automatically knows that he is lying. I don't think Isaiah was anticipating what would come next.

Kathryn Heigl, a Golden Globe nominee for Grey's Anatomy and personal friend to TR Knight, jumped to TR's defense in the press. She stated that "Isaiah should keep his mouth shut to the press" and even stated that she would physically come to TR's defense.

TR Knight then appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, confirmed that Isaiah called him a "faggot" on set in front of everyone last November and stated that he is trying to move on past it. He and Ellen were not really sure why it was coming back up in the news or why Isaiah would make a statement that he never called TR that name.

There is now an online petition going around asking ABC to fire Isaiah Washington for the rude and hurtful way he addressed his co-star. I have to admit, I signed the petition. Had TR Knight called Isaiah Washington the N-word on the set for everyone to hear, TR Knight would be blasted in the press and fired from the show. But no such response has occurred in this matter. It sets a dangerous double standard for the show and for ABC in terms of the types of intolerance that they will support or overlook at their company.

Today, GLAAD (Gays and Lesbians Against Defamation) called for Isaiah Washington publicly apologize to TR Knight both for what he originally said and for the denial on Monday night. Do you think Isaiah will publicly apologize? Do you think ABC will fire him from the show? Do you think Isaiah will not apologize because it is part of his African American upbringing to put down gays and lesbians? Only time will tell I guess...

All My Children - Zarf/Zoe's Coming Out

Zarf finally came out to a majority of the community on All My Children this week. The town's folk really didn't believe his story because they are convinced he is the Satin Killer who has been picking off the ladies of Fusion one by one.

The only person who really "got it" right off the bat out of the group was Colby, who is a teenager and fan of Zarf's music. I also think that Colby's dialogue was the first time I heard the word "trannie" used on television. Congratulations to All My Children for some fairly well done scenes and some good acting, especially on Zarf/Zoe's part.

American Idol - Night One

American Idol roared back onto Tuesday nights this week pulling in an average of 37 million viewers for the two hour special. Its final half hour pulled in over 41 million viewers. This is a bigger audience than last year's finale.

While the show's quality didn't quite seem up to snuff, it was still a very entertaining show. The auditions headed to the Midwest and singer / songwriter, Jewel, sat in as a celebrity judge.

The Good: Jarrod Fowler showed up for his audition in his Navy uniform. He had a good voice singing "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts. The one thing that is a detractor for me is that he reminds me of Josh Gracin from Season Two. Is that a good thing?

Matt Santo had a huge zit on his face, but it didn't distract (too much) from his good voice. He sang "California Dreaming." He was especially endearing when he called his mother on his cell phone after he was sent to Hollywood. He was crying with joy telling his mother that he was successful. He has potential with a good acne cream.

Rachel Jenkins was an Army reservist with a good backstory, including a husband off fighting in the war. She sang "His Eye Is On the Sparrow," which is a good song. She has a shaky voice though and was very pitchy at times. I will be surprised if she makes it through the Hollywood round. If she makes it to the Top 32, it will be mainly because she is so likeable.

The Bad: Of course there are too many to mention, but here are some of the highlights.

Troy Benham from Wisconsin showed up and claimed that he was "Urban Amish." He looked like a traditional Amish man, complete with the clothes and beard. He claimed he had never seen the show before because he did not have a television set. He sang a made up Amish song about taunting children. It was a train wreck mess. I have to think he was seeking some kind of publicity, but I am not sure why. It is not like his friends can watch him on the show!

Trista Giese showed up to do her cowardly lion voice impression. The problem was that she didn't leave it as an impression. She sang her entire song in the cowardly lion voice. It was ridiculous; she obviously knew that she wouldn't make it through.

Jason Anderson was, by far, the worst contestant of the night. He even juggled sticks and did a dance during his song. He could not carry a tune at all. Then he went out into the hallway and had a fake hysterical crying fit. The show let it play out like it was a real crying fit, but you could kind of tell that he wasn't really feeling that way. That seemed to go a little far for me.

The funniest part of the night was when the camera panned over to the next contestant who was watching Jason Anderson's fit. She is pictured above. She is a self-declared Idol superfan. I did not catch her name but she was highly entertaining. No singing ability at all, but she clearly thought she deserved to be on the show because she is the show's number one fan. I guess that entitles me to a spot in the Top 12 too!

Overall, the show was entertaining. Give the new season a shot. You will find yourself chuckling, even if involuntarily!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Golden Globes - Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson!

Jennifer Hudson cleaned up at her first Golden Globes Awards. She won for Best Supporting Actress and gave a moving speech about her confidence, Florence Ballard and believing in yourself. She was a class act.

Here are some of the other Dreamgirls related awards.

Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy: Dreamgirls

Best Actress - Musical or Comedy: Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls

Best Original Song: "The Song of the Heart," Happy Feet

Did anyone notice that all Beyonce-related awards went to other people? She didn't even win for Best Song, which would be kind of a giveaway since Dreamgirls was the only musical this year. But no, Beyonce's song lost to a Prince song from the animated film Happy Feet. How sad for Beyonce!

Golden Globes - Ugly Betty Wins

Ugly Betty cleaned up as a freshman series at the Golden Globe awards this week. Here is a list of the TV winners:

Best Drama TV Series: Grey's Anatomy

Best Musical or Comedy Series: Ugly Betty

Best Actor in a Drama: Hugh Laurie, House

Best Actress in a Drama: Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy: America Ferrera, Ugly Betty

Best Supporting Actor: Jeremy Irons, Elizabeth I

Best Supporting Actress: Emily Blunt, Gideon's Daughter

Did you agree with their choices? Do you think Ugly Betty was in the right category? Do you think America Ferrera is better than the Housewives? Let us know what you think.

Golden Globes - Borat Wins!

Borat wooed the critics at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. He won for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, stunning almost no one. While it was not a politically correct choice, it was definitely one based on laughs. I don't think I can think of a funnier movie that I have seen.

Here are some other big wins for the movies:

Best Movie - Drama: Babel

Best Actor - Drama: Forest Whitacker, The Last King of Scotland

Best Actress - Drama: Helen Mirren, The Queen

Best Actor - Comedy or Musical: Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat

Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy, Dreamgirls

Best Director: Martin Scorsese, The Departed

Best Screenplay: The Queen

The only big surprise there for me was Babel winning Best Picture - Drama. I thought that The Departed would win for sure. Were you surprised? What did you think of their choices?

Days of Our Lives Actor Attacked in Home

Days of Our Lives lead actor, Drake Hogestyn, was home with his family in Malibu when he and his family were attacked by a crazed fan. A mentally ill fan from Portland, Oregon, tracked Hogestyn to his house and appeared in his backyard when the family was doing yardwork.

He first attacked his wife on his patio steps. Hogestyn was on a ladder at the time. Hogestyn's son tried to fight the attacker off of his mother, who was screaming that he was Jesus and Drake had to be "cast out." Hogestyn got off the ladder and pushed the man down the stairs. The attacker then got up and then fought hand-to-hand combat with Drake and his son for over ten minutes, until they could subdue him. They were eventually able to bind his hands and feet with duct tape.

Police, firemen, and paramedics showed up, arresting the crazed fan. He is currently being held on $150,000 bail in Los Angeles. This incident is incredibly disturbing, reminding me of a similar attack on Jenny's family in Sweden. (Jenny from Ace of Base was attacked in her home, along with her parents and family, at the height of their fame). Our thoughts and prayers are with Drake's family as they struggle to deal with this attack.

Brothers and Sisters - All About Sex

Everyone on Brothers and Sisters was obsessed with sex this week. Kittie suffered the brunt of it at her new job. Even Nora got into the mix.

Everyone at Kittie's new office assumed she was sleeping with the senator. Absolutely stunned at this news, Kittie spread her own rumor through the office that she was dating a serious boyfriend. The problem? She doesn't have one. So, she contacted a high scale dating service in the hopes of landing a nice piece of arm candy to pass off. The senator found out and hijacked her date, showing up in his place. At first, Kittie was floored and not just because she was wearing a fake butt. But she finally let her guard down and had a good time. Unfortunately for her, the paparazzi were outside the restaurant and their picture ended up in the newspapers.

Sarah dealt with jealousy issues at home. She walked in from work and found Joe in an innocent, but somewhat compromising position with another mom, playing the guitar. She realized that he may be wandering and began to go out of her way to try to keep him happy at home. When these attempts sort of piddle out, they realize that they love each other and he promises to always stay true to her. It was a sweet moment, but also seems like a set up for a future storyline.

When Kittie met with the dating service woman, Nora was in the room. As an added bonus, the woman threw in a date for Nora that was "perfect for her." Too bad her middle aged date turned out to be gay. While it wasn't a romantic hook-up, Nora got a future shopping date out of it.

Tommy was dealing with an interesting problem. His pregnant wife is really, really horny. To the point where he is wishing she would stop wanting to have sex. Do guys really think that? Apparently, Tommy did. She realized the error of her ways and planned a Tommy-centric date just for him.

Kevin had an intriguing storyline. He met a famous soap star at yoga class. He was convinced the star was gay, but he is famous in the press for being a womanizer. He also has a girlfriend. So when he comments on Kevin's body and wants to go out, Kevin is understandably confused. They end up at a "make out" point and begin to kiss. Kevin is still confused given that he has a girlfriend, but the guy seems to be open to anything. They end up having sex. Kevin is excited, practically running to the gym the next day. Who is there to greet him but his girlfriend? Will Kevin find happiness and help the star come out of the closet?

It was fun to see the family members each deal with their own sexual issues. Is it just me or does the quality of this show improve every single week? I think an Emmy nomination is definitely in its future. What do you think?