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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Giada's Italian Holiday

Giada De Laurentiis, that beautiful chef on the Food Network that you hate because she looks like she doesn't eat what she cooks, had a new special this past week called Giada's Italian Holiday. Giada went on vacation to Italy and let us come along for the ride. (Isn't it easier when you can get your job to pay for your time off?)

Giada first visited Venice where she strolled the Grand Canal, took a gondalier ride, and went to Harry's Bar where she munched on ham and cheese panini sandwiches. The dish looked so great, Peter "Godard-ized" the recipe and made his own version for our Golden Globes party. Giada also shopped at Rialto's farmer's market, which had an extensive fish market, and she shopped for modern Venetian glass.

Giada then drove to Parma, Italy where she went to a Parmesan cheese making factory. In addition to the delicious cheese wheels, she got to actually participate in the cheese making process. She had this funny outfit and hat that kept falling off. It was straight out of I Love Lucy. Giada then toured a prosciutto factory and Perugina chocolate factory. Yummy!

She then met her husband in Rome for a romantic date that included pizza and ice cream. Overall, it looked like she had a great time. I have never been to Italy and I cannot wait to go!


Blogger Peter said...

This was a great show. It reminded me of the fun time I had visiting Italy in college. I would love to go again. It was hilarious to watch Giada with the tool for making cheese that was almost as big as she was. To be fair, though, the sandwiches I made for our Golden Globes party were a Barefoot Contessa recipe with the addition of prosciutto from Giada's trip to Italy.

8:42 PM

Anonymous Jessica the Great said...

Giada sucks and her big mouth is not cute. She bothers me more than I can relay by typing. :)

9:49 PM

Blogger TV-Holic said...

I think that is very cute. I think she will be one of those women who is very beautiful even at 70, like Sofia Loren.

8:08 AM


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